What is a Basic Service Call?

A clock is a delicate instrument designed to provide the function of  keeping accurate time. To do this, it is required to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is no piece of machinery capable of performing such a task without creating wear to its components. Eventually, something wears out and breaks! A Basic Service Call allows us to diagnose the problem and estimate the required repairs to get your timepiece back in service. Often, a proper lubrication and adjustment may be all that is required to have your clock operating properly. Usually, this procedure can be completed in your home for an additional charge.

What is your warranty for work performed on a Basic Service Call?

Repairs completed in our shop are covered with a 12 Month Warranty. However, we are not able to provide a warranty on service or repair work completed outside of our shop. Should your clock continue to experience problems, simply notify us by phone or email within 72 hours from our initial visit.  We will then schedule your clock for a complete "in shop"estimate of required repairs. Upon completion of the approved repairs, we will deduct the Basic Service Call from the charge for repairs.  

What happens if my clock can not be repaired with a Basic Service Call?

Should it be determined that your clock can not be properly repaired in your home, we will explain the extent and cause of the damage to your clock, the required repairs to correct the damage, and an estimated repair cost. Your approval is required to authorize any repairs. A final quote will be provided after we have completed a disassembly in our shop and we have a full understanding of the extent of the damage, and the approximate time and parts which will be required to put your timepiece back in service. Your Basic Service Call charges will be collected and applied to your final repair bill.

Can you clean my clock in my home?

Cleaning a clock in your home would be like rebuilding your car engine in your living room, and therefore impossible. If you have been told otherwise, then please call us FIRST so that we can explain the process required to properly clean any timepiece. Calling us first will empower you with new knowledge and you will have saved yourself a lot of money in the long run…

Is my clock worth the expense of repair or restoration?

This is, by far, one of the easiest yet most difficult questions for us to answer. With our years of experience and knowledge of clocks, their makers, history,  and market conditions, we can confidently inform you as to the approximate value of your clock, versus the repair and restoration costs that you can expect to pay. Yet only you understand the sentimental attachments to your timepiece, which may make it priceless to you, but have any real value as a collectible.  We will gladly share our knowledge to assist you in making a decision you will be satisfied with; and isn't that all that really matters…your happiness? We will provide you with honesty and integrity in our assessment. You will make the decision that best suits you.  Regardless of value, we guarantee that we will restore a $50.00 timepiece with the same care, skill, and attention to detail that we would give to a $50,000.00 timepiece. The decision is always yours to make.

Can I use WD-40 on my timepiece?

No! Please do not ever use WD-40 on your timepiece…EVER! There's an old saying, "You can pay me now…or you can pay me later!" This has, and always will apply to the repair of any timepiece. Should you attempt to save money by spraying WD-40 on your timepiece, you can be assured that the repairs will cost you more than if you had not. Why is that? First, WD-40 contaminates the cleaning solutions that are used in the repair process to properly restore your timepiece. Once our solutions are contaminated, they must be disposed of and replaced …at a cost of $45.00 per gallon. Secondly, a chemical in the WD-40 is known to corrode and pit brass and steel compounds over time. Once this occurs, a timepiece that might have been saved by a standard repair will become much more serious, costing you more, as a result. Our professional recommendation is this: "Do not use WD-40 on your timepiece….EVER!"

What if I have questions that are not answered here?

Our FAQ page is designed to assist you in making decisions about the needs of your clock or watch. Please feel free to contact us should you have additional questions.