Service scheduled by APPOINTMENT ONLY

Business Phone:  (707) 410-8427

Business Hours:

              Mon – Fri  10:00 am – 5:30 pm

              Saturday:  10:00 am – 4:00 pm

              Sundays – CLOSED


 NOTE:  You may also send us an email using the form below.  Please be sure to complete as much information as possible regarding the problems you are experiencing.  We cannot “diagnose with accuracy” unless we see the clock, however, our years of experience will help us to determine what procedure/s will be of the greatest benefit to you with regards to professional repair or restoration.


Helpful information required when you call or email us:


Brand Name:  i.e. – Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Herschedes, Seth Thomas, Ansonia, Sessions, Junghans, etc.

Age:  i.e. – over 20 years, 30 years, more than 30 years, under 10 years, under 20 years, age unknown

Number of weights or winding holes:  1 weight/winding hole, 2 weights/winding holes, 3 weights/winding holes

Type of clock: Stands on the floor, hangs on the wall, sits on the mantle/shelf

Date Last Serviced (& by whom?): i.e. – 2 years ago by (name of company), 5 years ago, more than 5 years ago, service history unknown

Briefly describe your reason for contacting us:  (below are some examples)


example 1:  The clock runs and keeps time but it does not chime and the weights on the left and right side are not moving.  Only the center weight moves.


example 2:  My husband was the last person to wind up the clock and now it does not run.  I think he over wound the clock.

(Tic Tockery Note: you cannot over wind a timepiece.  When a clock or watch is fully wound and fails to operate, there are other conditions that must be investigated.)


example 3:  When we change from/to daylight savings time, the clock no longer strikes the correct hour.  It is now striking 1 hour more/less than what the hands are showing.